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Corndog Show at the Hideout

Corndog Show (w/ Diobox)

September 14th, 2013

Hideout Saloon, Mariposa CA

Corndog has been on hiatus building new sounds with his new band. During this exploratory time I've been focussed on testing and improving the Diobox, my all-in-one DJ lighting system. The final lighting configuration and sequencing has been locked in. The Diobox will be blasting its visual affect for this come back show in Mariposa. Stay tuned for more news and highlights.

Diobox Lighting Success

The Diobox made its first club appearance on July 3rd at MOTIV in Santa Cruz. Resident DJ and SC legend, Little John graceously agreed to testing the box. The Diobox ran all night long as the audience danced on it to the beats of world famous DJs J.Phlip and DJ Worthy. Mike the owner ran the box controler and dumped fog on the crowd. It was sick!!

The Diobox then traveled to Quincy, CA for the High Sierra Music Festival. I brought the box into the Emancipator late night show on July 6th. Again, the box rocked the crowd with constant dancers enjoying their experience (see photo).

These 2 events demonstrated the portability and popularity of this lighting system. I'm excited to begin getting the Diobox in the hands of DJs seeking to deliver epic parties for their fans!


DIOBOX by dioboss

The DIOBOX will be unvieled to the world July 2013! Formerly the Devilbox, this newest version of the portable, all-in-one, lighting system is designed specifically for DJs. The box is the culmination of my year-long quest for an easy-to-use lighting solution that will help performers expand their audience's experience of live music.

The DIOBOX will be heading to the High Sierra Music Festival on July 4th.  There it will be crashing the guerrilla camp parties to deliver next level lighting to the festival party people.  Check out this video for a sneak preview... CLICK ME!!


Corndog & Dioboss Show Video

Corndog and Dioboss finally reunite for a show on August 1st, 2012.  

The show was intended to debut the new visuals system I'm calling the "Devil Box."  

With the Devil Box at center stage, Corndog and I proceeded to blast the crowd with guitar, fog and light.  It was a 20 minute set with a variety of jams and solos.  The crowd was stoked!

Check out this short teaser video of what you missed that night.  Don't worry there are more shows with the Devil Box coming up! Stay tuned...

Demoni Comeback Show Video

This a snapshot video from the Demoni w/ VJ DIOBOSS show on May 11, 2012.  

I was onstage left (not visible from camera).  This camera was running back by the sound guy.  

Overall, it was a solid performance. I did discover that additional light on the band members is necessary when there are no house lights.  I'm working on a system that will solve this issue.

Enjoy this short video!